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      Wireless Tattoo Machines & Guns

      Tattoo guns have, like most industries, evolved with the times, and tech and improvisations have changed the look and feel of machines, with wireless tattoo machines & guns being the latest quality, reliable supplies that we offer you at Melbourne Tattoo Supplies.

      We Have Professional Tattoo Machines for Sale

      The first choice you’ll have to make would be whether you want a coil or rotary machine. The coil is often preferred as it’s seen as better quality, and making long strokes, means a powerful impact and ink depth. At the same time, the rotary is more compact, comfortable to work with and gentler on the client’s skin. Here’s what we stock:

      • The HM mini Dietzel power liner coil tattoo machine is made by HM Tools & Dye in Spain, known for its top-quality machines made from iron, brass or aluminium. It features a light armature bar with ten wrap coils, and it can push needle size 7 and above.
      • If you want a personalised, state-of-the-art machine with all the bells and whistles, the Spektra Flux wireless machine is just for you. You can choose from different colours, and the machine works with Bluetooth. It has a detachable battery for easy charging in your car, laptop or battery pack. The battery has up to 10 hours of life, and the LED indicator will let you know when you need to switch to another machine and charge your Spektra.
      • Our wireless rotary pen machines with different stroke lengths and a pen machine suited for cosmetic tattoos in a stylish pink, blue or green colour.

      We stock all the supplies you need for your tattoo shop, from inks to pedals, cartridges, medical supplies, and aftercare to stencil products and furniture. You won’t have to look anywhere else to find quality pro tattoo machines for sale.