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Medical Supplies

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      Tattoo Medical Supplies

      With the correct tattoo medical supplies, you can ensure that your parlour is a safe and sterile environment for you and your customers. You can keep the entire area sanitary and clean your equipment between clients.

      What Tattoo Medical Supplies You Should Have and Why

      There are numerous medical supplies you’ll need before creating art on your clients’ skin, and when you shop with us, you can rest assured you’re purchasing high-quality products that are proven to keep your working area hygienic. Here are some of the supplies you’ll need:

      • You can place Barrier Film over sanitiser bottles, the tattoo gun, and other items that are often touched during a session. The film repels fluids, ensuring that no germs survive on the surface.
      • Disposable aprons are a must-have for any professional tattoo artist. The apron protects your clothing from ink and other stains.
      • Tincture Green Soap should be in ample supply in your tattoo parlour. The soap can be used to clean your equipment and furniture. It’s entirely natural and contains lavender oil, pure plant oil, glycerol and ethanol.

      At Melbourne Tattoo Supplies, we stock all your medical needs to keep your tattoo parlour perfectly hygienic, smelling pleasant and looking professional and well cared for.