Mast Pro Needle Cartridges

Mast Pro Needle Cartridges


      MAST Pro cartridge needles
      Custom and tested by loads of tattoo artists.
      Needles made by 304L, polished by automatic machine that ensures tattooing is smoother.
      Consummate colored texture,
      Complete Ethylene oxide disinfection, disposable single use.
      Strict quality and consistency control,Smooth and free of impurities
      Every detail of shell makes for extreme comfort
      Perfectly matches with needles and shell,high-stability,smooth unhindered ink flow.
      Advanced visual optimization tube,key-head shape of the shell side,to the tip,right angels at all four sides,reduce the distortion and refraction of spherical lens
      4 thickened bars ensured the high strength of durability,close to 200 rebound force with toughness

      Tattoo Cartridge Needles

      Along with your inks and tattoo gun, your tattoo cartridge needles form part of the crucial items you need if you’re providing tattooing services. Since clean, quality needles form the basis of your business, you should make sure that you get your tattoo cartridge needles from a reliable supplier.

      Examples of tattoo gun needles that you might need:

      • Round liner needles. These needles are perfect for line work and come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 01, which is for very fine detail, to 14, which is considerably thicker.
      • Magnum shader needles. These needles can accommodate pretty much any type of shading work given their design. They require fewer passes over the same spot since they deposit colour well, which means less damage and pain on the skin.
      • Flat shader needles. They are commonly used for thick line work, given their design and ability to deliver high quantities of ink at once. These are also the needles commonly used for semi-permanent makeup jobs.

      We have other needles as well, so make sure you have the right options for the job.

      What You Can Buy from Us When You Need Tattoo Shading & Lining Needles

      We have a variety of offers available for those who need tattoo needles and even ink. Consider some of the options we provide:

      • We can provide needles only. Needles will be the one disposable you need a lot of. Good needles make your tattooing experience better and will deliver better, more consistent results on your clients.
      • Needles and ink combo. Why not consider our range of tattoo inks alongside your needle purchases? Maybe there are a few colours you want to stock up on before your next big piece.
      • Machine, needles, and ink combo. If you’re looking for the whole package, consider getting a machine, needles, and inks. With these three things you have the basics you need to start inking.

      If you have any questions about our needles or want to know which of our products would best suit your style of work, feel free to ask us.