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      Tattoo Stencil Printer

      Melbourne Tattoo Supplies brings you the best products for your parlour or studio. Our vast experience in this industry has led us to develop products we discovered are essential to running a successful tattoo business. MTS has become the trusted supplier for professionals in New Zealand and Australia-wide.

      Our tattoo stencil printer is the latest offering among our range of tools and machines to equip your artists to deliver flawless designs every time.

      The Benefits of Using MTS Tattoo Stencil Paper & Machine

      If you’ve never seen these tools in action, here’s why they’re a must-have in your parlour:

      • Eliminate errors. Using printed stencils has proven to be the best method of achieving accuracy in designs with cleaner lines and vivid tones. This will mean less free-hand drawing, which is subject to the steadiness of the hand. For even better results, apply MTS tattoo stencil transfer gel to ensure the paper remains firmly in place to guide you during the procedure.
      • Improve turnaround time. The machine will assist in cutting down hours on the chair for single jobs allowing for more bookings per day and increasing your sales per week.
      • Keep your customers happy. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. The printed stencil can be applied to the client’s skin to see how the tattoo will appear before going under the needle. The paper works its magic using innovative thermal technology that effectively copies the digital artwork's exact image. Customers will walk away wanting more, and your work will do all the marketing on your behalf!
      • Reduce operation costs. It’s never ideal to have customers return for refunds or removals for work they are not happy with. Maximising the capabilities of stencil paper and a printing machine will ensure that the artist meets your customers’ expectations and saves the time and cost of correcting botched jobs.

      Make your mark in the tattoo industry with the latest technology and tools from MTS to improve the quality of your work and boost your business.