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      Tattoo Machines and Accessories

      When you start your next tattooing project, you want to make sure you have the necessary tattoo guns and accessories at your disposal. With the right high-quality equipment, you can deliver better quality jobs to your clients with fewer problems.

      Examples of accessories we can provide:

      • MTS Membrane Cartridges.
      • Disposable Cartridge Trays.
      • Vortex Ink Mixer.

      We have all the supplies you will need to stock your shop, including furniture.

      Must-Have Tattoo Machine Accessories That We Provide

      Whether you’re an artist who recently joined a big studio or have been tattooing for years, there are some accessories you will always need, including the following:

      • The Necessary power cords. You can’t do anything without power running to your tattoo machine, so make sure you have not only the relevant cords but cords of the right length. Keeping a backup cord somewhere is also a clever idea.
      • A foot switch. Foot switching makes it much simpler to manage the power of your machine, so make sure you have one that you find comfortable to use.
      • Battery packs. Battery packs allow you to keep your machines operational all the time. Make sure you stock up and have backups should something happen to your pack in the middle of a session.

      You can find a complete list of all our accessories online, so browse and add what you need.