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Tattoo Furniture

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      Tattoo Furniture

      The way your tattoo shop looks will create the first impression clients get of your vibe, services and brand. Be sure to buy quality tattoo furniture that can withstand many tattoo appointments and create a classy, quality view of your parlour for your customers.

      All you need is to bring your skill and attitude to the table; we have the best equipment and all the tattoo supplies you need to make your name known in the industry, from machines to ink, needles and cartridges.

      Essential Tattoo Studio Furniture You May Need

      If you’re starting or need to replace worn tattoo furniture, we stock the different furniture options that you’ll need in your tattoo shop. Your artistic and people skills will ultimately make or break your parlour, but making a good impression with a clean, uncluttered look will set your clients at ease.

      • The first piece you will need is a cutting stool for yourself to sit on at a lower angle and with wheels so you can move around to grab your supplies.
      • An armrest might be the next option for you to buy as many clients come in for tattoos on their arms, and you will need to ensure they are comfortable and keep still while you work.
      • The last piece you need from our tattoo furniture shop is an elite tattoo bed. You firstly want to ensure the comfort of your clients while you have the space and the right height to work at. You can manoeuvre the bed into different positions as you require for the body part you need access to.

      If you’re ready to take the next step and market your masterpieces on social channels, be sure to also get your hands on one of our ring lights, so your art can be displayed in the best light and the best quality online so potential customers can see what you’re capable of doing for them.